Lancement du programme conjoint des partenaires européens du développement avec le ministère du Plan et de l’investissement

A la veille de son départ, l’ambassadeur de France a participé à la réunion de lancement du programme conjoint de l’Union Européenne 2016-2020, afin de définir les modalités de l’aide délivrée par les partenaires européens du développement en RDP Lao, aux côtés du Chargé d’affaires de l’Union Européenne Michel Goffin et du vice-ministre du Plan et de l’Investissement Dr Kikeo Chanthabouly.

Lancement du programme conjoint des partenaires européens du développement avec le ministère du Plan et de l'investissement
Lancement du programme conjoint des partenaires européens du développement avec le ministère du Plan et de l'investissement

Your Excellency. Dr. Kikeo CHANTHABOURY, Vice-Minister (MPI),
Monsieur Michel GOFFIN, chief of mission of the EU Delegation to Laos
Dear colleagues Heads of missions (H.E. Michael GRAU, Ambassador of Germany, H.E. David Hugh EVANS, Ambassador of the United Kingdom)
Dear friends,

It is for me a great and last honour to be with you this morning, on the eve of my departure from this country. This is an opportunity for me to acknowledge what we have achieved together since I arrived 3 years ago, with our partners from the various line Ministries represented at this meeting, and with my European colleagues.
Un grand bravo and a special thanks to Michel, qui en pianiste émérite a su faire régner entre Européens une harmonie créatrice sans s’arrêter aux fausses notes, c’est un exemple à suivre y compris en Europe !

As it was mentioned by Mr Goffin, there was quite some work to be done in order to strengthen coordination and programming amongst EU Member States. Laos was thus chosen as a pilot country for this new exercise and I am proud to say that we have played an active role throughout this process.

France, as a long-standing partner for Laos and the 2nd contributor to the EU budget, was eager to promote the principles of aid effectiveness agreed upon in the Paris Declaration, the Busan Partnership and soon the Vientiane Declaration for effective development cooperation.
Needless to say, we are fully committed to cross-cutting EU approaches to development as initially approved in 2014, ie :
Human rights, active civil society and media

Cultural diversity, including heritage preservation.

Human development and research

Fight against corruption

As mentioned during the Round table meeting last year, Development Partners need to align their actions as much as possible to the Action Plan in support of the Lao Government’s efforts to ensure interventions in key sectors.

As co-chair of the working group on Agriculture, France has been particularly involved in this sector and I want to thank all our partners for their decisive participation. We also took an active part in the Governance and Health sectors, where the French cooperation is very committed. This dialogue enabled us to assess our strengths, identify areas for improvement and to set common priorities.

With an average bilateral aid of 15 million dollars over the past 5 years and a rich network of research institutes, NGOs and various partnerships, France was already accustomed to the exercise of coordination.

Not only the joint programming process demonstrated its added value as a precious tool to enhance Member States complementarity at the national and sector level, but it also creates new opportunities to reinforce our dialogue with our Laotian counterparts.

I am confident that Joint Programming will contribute effectively to the objectives of the 8th NSEDP. I can now hope that this dialogue process will be a first step towards even more consultations, including the civil society which we consider key to achieving development objectives in Laos.

Thank you.

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